Encouraging Fashion in a Tiny Tot

Not everyone is into fashion; but everyone has style. If you are a fashionista it may be important for you to encourage your children to follow suit. Most children who later follow fashion point to their parents as early inspiration, so rest assured, they will absorb some of your fashion sense. But there are other things you can do to help them embrace their inner diva:

Retail Therapy

Introduce them to the joys of shopping early on. If there are childrens girls clothing stores Geelong then take your child there as soon as they can walk. They don’t have to even understand the concept of ‘shopping.’ You can play hide and seek if you’d like. What’s important is that your child becomes comfortable in an environment where there is a lot of choice available. As they get older, allow them to make their own choice but always be mindful of the price tag. You do not want to turn them into a shopaholic.

Purse Proud

A good fashionista knows how to keep the prices down and the style up. If they are old enough to handle money, go shopping with them but give them the money and tell them to buy whatever clothes they think are appropriate. Before committing to a certain style, remind them that they will be obliged to wear those outfits in front of fellow students, teachers, and to places of worship. If they feel they can wear what they buy to all these places then let them buy it and then make them honour that commitment. Don’t cave and buy them more clothes a couple of days later when they get into trouble at school.

Swim Upstream

Fashion is following the latest trends. Style, is following yourself. A fashionista knows how to balance both. Show your child through example that one does not need all the latest styles of the designers to be a hit. Sometimes it can be as simple as a hat worn askew when everyone else is wearing it straight. It can be neon eyeliner before anyone else uses it. Not only are you teaching your child that their opinions and ideas matter, you are also teaching them that what others think about them don’t matter and that happiness depends on their own state of mind only.


Parents sometimes forget that children try on looks and personalities from time to time until they find their perfect fit. Let them experiment. Their combat boots and ballerina dress may look trashy and pathetic in your eyes, but that’s their version of rocker chic. As long as you don’t interfere too much and let them grow out of each look they will eventually settle onto something appropriate for themselves.