Tips for Brides-To-Be

If you or someone you are close to is a bride-to-be, well then your nerves are understandably on edge. After all, this is the day almost every girl dreams of ever since they can remember. It is only natural that they want it to go nothing short of perfect. However, in the midst of all the wedding hullabaloo, it can be easy to neglect oneself, which is not very sensible at all. If you are going to be too tired at your own wedding, what good would that do? You want to enjoy yourself, remember every moment and still look like you just landed off your private jet. Easier said than done? Not really. Here are a few tips to take on board.

Book a Spa Day

Either for yourself or go with your bridesmaids maybe. Whichever you want. If you fancy some quiet time to yourself, by all means, indulge. You do deserve, seeing as how you have been stressing yourself out incessantly at a stretch. Take your favourite magazine with you if you want, or just sit back and relax. Let your body and mind rejuvenate and revive themselves before you have to head out and do it all again. Set aside an entire day to just do nothing, particularly leading up to the wedding.

Facial and Hair Treatments

If you think you are going to achieve everything you want with your complexion and your hair within a matter of days, you have got another thing coming. It is frankly quite stupid to think that you can sport glowing skin and luscious hair in time for your wedding day, without being consistent about it. You need to start at least six months ahead; if it is too late already, start immediately. Before you rush off to book Brisbane wedding hair, for example, you need to ensure that your hair is healthy, and in a proper state to be styled on your big day.


Not just because you want to look nothing short of fantastic on the day, but because working out will help you relieve all of the wedding stress. Instead of snapping at the people around you, you can head off on a quiet job or brisk walk, or even sign up for interesting classes like step, boxing or kettlebells to name a few. You need to keep active, so you can both fit into your wedding dress as well as keep your mind sane. Intersperse this with something like yoga or Pilates to add a little bit of difference.

Eat Right

Another problem of stress is binge eating, which is actually what you should be steering well clear of right now. You need to eat right, so your health will be in good condition. Of course, nobody can guarantee that you will be in 100% good health on the day, but the least you can do is try. Avoid junk foods as much as possible and opt for fresher options as much as possible. Look up clean eating recipes and try to replicate those dishes at home. You will find that at some point, your skin, hair, and strength will all perk up, thanks to proper nutrition.