All You Wanted To Know About Hair Wefts

Hair wefts, also more commonly known as extensions, are now are popular as off-shoulder tops. From Hollywood to other industries, they are making an appearance everywhere, although arguably, they are more widespread throughout Hollywood. In fact, if you have ever wondered how some of your favourite celebrities keep their hair looking so good all the time despite being so busy, well now you know. Wefts or extensions have ruled their world for a very long time. And now that that is out of the way, if you have been contemplating about getting some for yourself, then make sure you first take a look at this.

Learn the Different Types

Before you rush off to book an appointment and sit in that chair, you have to first study and learn about the different types of extensions. There are 3 main ones: glue-ins, sew-ins, and tape-ins. They all sound exactly as their name implies, though we would like to stress that sew-ins do not mean they are sewn onto your scalp, in case you were wondering! Each of these comes with their own pros and cons, and they also last across different periods of time. Glue-ins tend to last less than the other two. It all really depends on what your lifestyle is like.

Go To a Trustworthy Place

If you have made up your mind to do this, then make sure you seek out a trustworthy salon to do the job for you. Badly or incorrectly installed hair extensions can be incredibly damaging to your hair, just like when it is done right it looks gorgeous. If you indulge in them often, then you definitely need a place that knows what it is doing. Check out Remy hair extensions if you are looking for something up-to-date, passionate and savvy. Think of it this way; hair extensions are meant to be discreet, so if they are obvious, then something is wrong somewhere.

The Materials

Of course the extensions or wefts have to be made out of something, and generally, there are two options for you to choose from synthetic or natural hair. Some prefer synthetic because the thought of someone else’s hair is more than they can bear, but others choose natural because of how easy it is to style. You can use heating products like straighteners, blow-dryers and curling irons without any complications, and since hair extensions are meant to be styled, natural hair is the most sensible option. To each his own though.

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Once you have the wefts of your dreams set up, you have to now look at taking care of them properly. Your hair care routine needs a revamp, as you have to accommodate the needs of your extensions in there too. Remember, this will vary depending on whether you got glue-ins-sew-ins or tape-ins since each has to be handled differently. You will be able to ask about specific instructions from your salon, and they will give you a complete guide to ensuring you maintain your extensions well.