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A Guide To Essential Oil-Based Alternative Medicine

What are essential oils used for and who can benefit from them? What are the main benefits that one can expect from this type of alternative medicine? These are some of the important questions that you need to be able to answer before you delve into practicing this at home. Here is a brief guide to the various aspects of essential oil treatment that you can benefit from.

Who Can Benefit From Essential Oil-Based Treatment?

This alternative branch of medicine that focuses on herbal extracts taken from plants with medicinal qualities really covers a large range of conditions. It gives a lot of people the chance to see whether natural remedies would relieve them without the need to use medication. Aroma & Therapy is a combination that has been proven to effectively alleviate certain conditions that can affect both the body and mind. Some of the conditions that have shown positive responses to this type of treatment are chronic anxiety and stress disorders, insomnia, depression, muscle aches, pain in joints, infections of the respiratory systems, ailments of the digestive tract, menopause and menstrual symptoms, skin disorders like rashes, bites, acne, cellulite and bruising, fluctuation or unstable blood sugar, exhaustion and cancer. Studies have also shown that the use of these essential oils has shown positive effects on the nervous and immune systems of the human body. It has also been found that the limbic system in our brains that control emotional responses and behaviour has a positive effect from these essential oils.

How Successful Will The Treatment Be?

One of the key factors that affect the degree of success in the treatment would be to use pure, therapeutic quality essential oils only. They should not be mixed with anything that has synthetic ingredients. The quality of the essential oils that you use will have a great deal to do with how well the treatment works shortly followed by the dosage. This is why it is important for you to always buy from reliable places.

How Can You Choose The Right Treatment?

You will need to contact a therapist who is qualified and experienced in this branch of medicine. Many of the therapists today are well educated in the following areas of this treatment. These include the history and evolution of the treatment system, the most potent and popular essential oils, how they can ensure the quality of the oils used, absorption method, olfaction, the limbic system and effects, the lymphatic system and effects, the immune system and effects, the skin and effects and how each patient needs to be treated according to their condition as well as safety concerns with oils and contraindications.

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How To Practice It Safely?

Some oils may not be suitable for you depending upon your medical history, level of sensitivity to the oils and any allergies. In the majority of cases essential oils should not be within reach of infants and children. If you are nursing make sure that it is safe for your baby if you engage in this treatment. Although side effects are minimal, ingesting massive amounts of essential oils have shown toxicity in some cases and skin irritation. There have also been cases of contact dermatitis or skin allergy and it has also been linked with a sensitivity to sunlight. But the truth is that all medications have side-effects and ill effects if misused so as long as you use the oils correctly you should not have any problem.