Natural Ways to Promote Hair Growth

Hair growth is promoted by a component called keratin that is produced in hair follicles. Using chemical induced products on your hair has adverse effects on the production of this protein and reduces the health and the growth of your hair. There are various things you can do in order to break away from chemical based products and switch to natural remedies. Natural hair products could be found in many stores selling organic beauty and cosmetic items. Rather than spending your money on these products, you can switch to a more organic hair care routine by using products that are available at home. Following are some natural hair ways you can grow your hair.


There are various practices that could be followed in order to promote hair growth. One of the ways to do this is by using onion juice on your hair. This is known as one of the oldest methods used by various people around the world. Onions could be found in almost every single supermarket which makes it an ingredient that is very easy to find. By slicing few slices off an onion and squeezing out the juice, you are able to make a natural mixture that will boost the production of tissues in your head. Therefore, this is very effective and promotes hair growth.


There are various products such as sea buckthorn oil Singapore that could be used to maintain ourselves. Out of the many products available in the market, most of them contains chemicals that will have adverse effects on your body. Therefore, using natural products are the best and most effective way to prevent suffering from consequences caused by chemicals in beauty and cosmetic products. Hair loss has become one of the growing concerns in most of the people. Even though hair loss used to be an indication of aging, it has now become common among everyone due to many reasons such as stress, hormonal imbalances and other illnesses. Therefore, in order to promote hair growth it is important that we use natural products similar to what was mentioned before. Another effective product that could be used to boost hair growth is vinegar. This substance will help you to maintain the pH balance in your hair. When you maintain this, you will be able to experience a significant growth in your hair. Therefore, this is an effective natural remedy to boost and accelerate the growth of your hair.

There are many natural remedies that could be used to improve and boost hair growth. The above are some such effective ways.