Keeping Up with The Trend: A Guide

If you are based in Singapore, then you know that everyone here is usually keeping up with the world – the newest clothes, makeup, accessories always line the streets. Sometimes, it may be difficult to know just how new everything is. Being here means that you have access to whatever you need at whatever time you require. This does not provide you with an excuse for being behind the times at all. So, read on for a few handy tips on how to stay on top of the fashion game always.

Have a Few People

In order to keep up with the trend that is ever changing, you need to have a few people that you can trust to keep you up to date. This may be a friend from work, or a relative that lives close by or literally anyone that you know will tell you what you have to know all the time. This means that you do not have to worry about what trends will sweep the nation because you know you will always be informed. If your work consumes you most of the time, a friend from the workplace is ideal. Similarly, if you are someone who spends a lot of time with family, then a cousin or other relative is ideal.


Have a Few Places

The key thing is to bookmark or tag a few places where you know you can go to find clothes and cosmetics to match the trend and match your budget as well. This means not only your clothing needs but also those that regard your appearance. It is better to have a barber, makeup guru, clothing store etc at the same place. This will make every shopping experience that you have a fulfilling one. You can choose a shopping district that you like and find a barber there. For example, you can get your clothes sorted and get a haircut Orchard street, so that everything will be done in one go.


Have a Few Options

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have a few options for stores that you want to visit, not only for variety but also for quality. You know that going for top quality clothes are not always essential; for the normal everyday clothes, have a few stores ready to be frequented. For the really good quality clothes that you will need for a work function etc have a few stores with higher quality clothing.


It is difficult to ascertain the importance of staying on top of the trend – but it is important, because if you live in Singapore, it determines your worth outside the house. Don’t be afraid to experiment but don’t be afraid to actually embrace the trend either.