Things about Makeup everyone should know

Everyone wants to be beautiful. From little children to people in their nineties, everyone strives to be beautiful. But why? Well there are a lot of reasons but many cite the increase in their level of confidence as one reason. Others want to be so for their self-satisfaction or to impress someone else. Some may have another reason entirely. Either way the common belief is that beauty is important. And one of the ways people try to be beautiful, is by incorporating makeup into their routine.

Makeup is a tool people use to enhance their beauty and express themselves. People have used makeup throughout history. From the use of black kohl in Egypt to the concealer of today, makeup has come a long way, constantly improving and evolving as better ingredients surface. So here are things about makeup everyone should know.


Foundation is one of the most useful and important part of makeup routines everywhere. It provides the base for the rest of the makeup and helps cover blemishes and give the overall look a matte or dewy look depending on the formula. However what many not know is that this little product is the one that not just affects your overall makeup look but also one that if you get it wrong will ruin your makeup. Therefore it is important that you choose the right foundation.

When choosing foundation, the thing people need to pay the most attention to is colour and durability. The wrong shade will influence your overall makeup look in a way you would not have wanted. Therefore take the time and select the right colour for you akin. Apply swatches on your arm to test not just the colour but any possible irritation. In case your face is a few shades different to your  arm, then swatch the shade closest to the shade of your skin and then compare it to see if it did a good job.  Different formulas will change your look, so opt to own a foundation with light coverage and one with full coverage as this will help you change your looks as necessary.

Longer Eyelash    

Everyone wants long eyelashes, but how do you get them? Well makeup advancements give you many options. Try on a mascara that gives you the length without clumping you’re your lashes. There are many mascaras that claim to make your lashes longer therefore before selecting one, check the reviews and see it it suits your needs. However mascara can be very temporary so in case you want something for longer, an eyelash extension could be a better solution.                 

Makeup is ultimately just a tool to enhance your beauty. Even without it you are beautiful so always keep that in mind. Use Makeup but don’t believe your beauty is only because of Makeup.