What is eyebrow embroidery?

It is a semi permeant option to save you a few minutes on a busy morning as you rush out of the door. Or the saving grace to when you have a big corporate event or an important family dinner that you want to look your best in.

Sorry to disappoint you but No, this article does not feature the technical aspect of eyebrow embroidery, rather I am more focused on understanding the practical need for a procedure as such and why it has created such a rave in the recent past.

In response to the actual question of ‘’what is eyebrow embroidery’’? Well from what I understand it is the best invention since electricity. No really, do you know how many of us are usually furious because as we walk out of the door because our eye pencil did not cooperate? Instead of your brows looking like sisters you have to walk into a morning meeting with a lopsided eyebrow and one part of your face looking like it has fallen asleep. These brows! They have a mind of their own I tell you.

Why are well kept brows important you ask? Well they frame your face and balances your features well. They allow you to carry your hair do or the hair style with more confidence and brings about a more put together vibe than you would emit with unkept or sparse brows.

Where it all began

The origin of conventional threading comes from India where they pull out the unwanted facial hair including the brows using cotton thread that tropical lands areabundant with. Todaythis techniques is preferred more to tackle the hairs in the eyebrow region in the western countries as it allows more control and precision in the areas in comparison to waxing. Additionally the results of threading last longer too.

 Today treading has gradually proceeded to something more convenient. The present day eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery. Yes you saw right, there really is something as such as eye liner embroidery and just like with the eyebrows this is where you semi permanently draw in your eyeliner so you do not have to spend time for that every morning either.

In reality there are two camps. One that is for all the procedures of this calibre but that is a story for another day. Me? I personally love it, mostly because of the convenience it presents to a working woman such as myself and because having bomb eyebrows makes me a happy person in general.