Are you beautiful by the society’s norms?

This is a question that each woman struggles with throughout her adult life and unfortunately this uncertainty that has made its way through because of a web of across-the-border opinions that is both intertwined with social stigma and the hard-core marketing done by the various skin care and beauty brands.

Beauty is perceived differently in many parts of the world. In most countries it is the colour of your skin and in some parts of the world it is the shape of your eye. The list goes on and on and you are sure to be surprised at what you find.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, the Asian region is by far the circle of countries that is obsessed with and goes on tohold ‘’complexion’’ as the highest denominator when it comes to judging one’s beauty. Though it may be something a person in a different part of the world would shrug off, in Asia this is a serious setback we are confronted with,Their ancient scriptures rave on the beauty of the fair maidens and even today we see young girls go through a lot of routines and remedies to take their skin tone up a notch, because they are pressured to do so by the society they live in.

Skin care is a million dollar business not only in Asia but around the world with new products and procedures coming into circulation every day. There is no stopping the ladies embracing all of the new fairness solutions that come their way and that is why not only the skin care but the make-up and other associated industries are hitting up sales in the higher millions.Korean facial Singapore is among the highly celebrated beautifying practices that even the top most Hollywood stars swear by. It is a magic wand that takes care of acne,pigmentation, pores and all the things that can go wrong with a big day ahead and is nevertheless being hugely embraced by teenagers experiencing their go at makeup and the retired beautys who make it a point to be attired in their Sunday’s best during an afternoon tea party.

In the recent past not only has its skin care routine taken the world by the storm but we observe that many Korean beauty lines have penetrated not only the American market but also the GCC countries and the European countries. With the recent boom that came with the you tube and Instagram fashion and beauty bloggers, regional skin care such as in Korea has shined into the limelight and continues to land affiliations with the most established and renowned brands in the industry.