7 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles You’ll Adore

Looking stunning on your wedding day is no crime. In fact, lengthy preparations are no crime either. So when it comes to your wedding hairstyle, it involves a lot of thought and personalization.  You want it to be unique, sexy, comfortable and elegant. It may seem easy but it is not. You have to take your dress, makeup, comfort and the atmosphere of your celebration into consideration before settling on a masterpiece. Well, we try to make your workload easier and that is why we have compiled some of the most stunning wedding hairstyles of all times just for you!


A timeless classic the most popular bridal hairstyle to date. A chignon is a form of low bun that comes in a variety of styles; you can also use exquisite hair pieces, flowers, tiaras to enhance the look further as your heart desires.

Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun usually sits higher than a chignon; therefore you need to have hair with a little bit of length on it. If your hair is shorter, hair strands will keep falling off, ruining the classic look. To make it unique, you can incorporate a braid or some sparkly hair pieces.

Half up Half Down

One of our personal favorites, to be honest, this hairstyle oozes a free and elegant charm. Therefore a lot of brides usually stick to this type, but they personalize it using a variety of hair pieces, flowers, and other ornaments. If you have really thick hair (god blesses you!) then this look will help lighten the load. Plus, this style work for a range of hairstyles and lengths.

Loose Waves

These waves rock and roll on any hair length and type. It looks simple yet amazing. Pair it up with some flowers or a flower crown and create a look that is simply to die for.


One of the most modern trends that are becoming increasingly popular is braids. You got us there. Whether it is a single braid or a braid incorporated into a hairstyle, well everything braid-y looks spectacular. You can incorporate some bling or single flowers into your braid to make it look more exciting. To get the braiding done right you might want to book the best hair stylist Melbourne to get the perfect look for your perfect day.


High or low ponytails, this hairstyle has been in vogue for some time now, there is a reason for it too. This hairstyle pulls off every outfit and takes it up a notch. These tend to work better for those who have been blessed with long hair, but you can always opt for hair extensions. You can also go for a sleek ponytail instead of a messy one. The ultimate choice is yours.

Side Sweep

Extravagant, charming and sexy. That is how we define a side sweep. How do you? In this style your hair is swept to one side of your body, therefore you may want to keep the neckline and dress style in mind before opting for this style. You can adorn it with jeweled hair pieces or flowers.

Whatever you decide depends on you and the atmosphere of your celebration. Remember to personalize your hairstyle by adorning it with braids, flowers, hair bands, flowers crowns or other dazzling headpieces.